May 2019

We are finally seeing some signs on our trees and plantings that better weather is on the way. Enjoy every ray of sunshine. We will all continue to be occupied with all that needs to be done. The damage that winter and spring rains brought about will need to be attended to. Planning, organizing and carrying out the many tasks that happen in a community over the spring and summer months will continue. Everyone's help is very welcome and appreciated.


The annual Membership Renewal Forms are coming your way. We appreciate that you are all exceedingly busy and so we have done as much as we can to make the process easier for you. We appreciate your ongoing support and participation. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Administrator at


We are so grateful for your continuing support and applaud you for taking the opportunity to have your company represented in the condominium communities so directors and managers may know that you are available to supply goods and services when the need arises in the community. At this time the current membership (2018/19) directory remains available on our website. Updates will be ongoing as renewals are received.

The envelope is marked as 2019/20 Membership Renewal. The renewal package you will receive will include:

  1. A cover letter
  2. Invoice for your files
  3. Membership Renewal Form to be edited and returned with payment

The current membership directory of Corporation is available on our website.

Where the corporation is board managed, the renewal package will be sent directly to the contact person on record.

Where the corporation has management assistance, the renewal package will be sent directly to the management company. A cover letter with greetings to all Boards and Managers will include instructions on completing the form/director listing to represent all corporations under management will be included.

The renewal package will include:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Invoice for your files
  3. Membership Renewal Form and a director listing, both to be edited and returned with payment.

Please feel free to review the online listings to make sure you are represented as a member of CCI. If you are not, please contact the Administrator at and the appropriate form will be provided. Education in all levels of the condominium community, from owners to management, will only strengthen the communities and address the responsibilities of all who have chosen the lifestyle or provide goods and services.


The Education Committee will be meeting to develop and organize the agenda for the upcoming year. Your suggestions are welcome always. Feel free to suggest topics on issues in the community and we will do our best to address them with the appropriate professionals at an upcoming event.


There is still time to sign up or sponsor and we certainly appreciate the support. From experience, it is a fun day of getting to know and enjoy camaraderie among other directors and service providers, and to enjoy the beauty of the golf course. The forms can be found here.

CONDOMINIUM COURSE – 2-DAYS November 2nd and 16th

The description of the course is online and the form will be there very soon.

Please note that attendance at this course does not negate your requirement to carry out the online mandatory director training via the Condominium Authority of Ontario via the link below.

On behalf of the CCI Board of Directors we wish you all a very joyful and warm summer.

Best Wishes,

Trish Kaplan, (CCI Hon's)
Administrative Coordinator
CCI London and Area Chapter
P.O. Box 51022
1593 Adelaide Street North
London, ON
N5X 4P9
Tel: 519-453-0672

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CCI London holds several events throughout the year, ranging from Seminars to Golf Tournaments, etc. Please check our List of Events for the most recent listings.


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